Favorite matches

Favorite wrestlers
  • Kyle Dake: Career Highlights: 4-time NCAA Div I champ at four different weight classes
  • Joe Gonzales: Induction Video for 2015 Distinguished Member Joe Gonzales - YouTube 
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6Op19-PJhM
    • "You're only as good as your workout partner"
    • Note: I watched Joe Gonzales & his CSU Bakersfield teammate John Azevedo win the 1980 Olympic Trials, held at Brockport State, close to where I grew up in Rochester, NY.
    • Note: I worked out with Joe once at East L.A. college in our 30s or 40s... I never came close to taking him down! One of my favorite memories. (I knew Bob Sheppard and Ben Bohlander. Bob Sheppard also helped coach at South Pasadena H.S. when I was an assistant coach there.)
  • Cary Kolat: National Wrestling Hall of Fame:
    • https://nwhof.org/national-wrestling-hall-of-fame/bio/4087 (with video)
    • Note: The NWHOF video shows Ron Headlee, Kolat's high school coach. Ron was an NCAA Div III All-American wrestler for Messiah College. I know that because Ron "owned me" in college. I didn't lose very often, but I never beat Ron Headlee!
  • Cael Sanderson: National Wrestling Hall of Fame:
    • https://nwhof.org/national-wrestling-hall-of-fame/bio/2490 (with video)
    • Sanderson is one of just a handful of 4-time NCAA Div I champions, and the only one to go completely undefeated, ending with a 159-0 record.
    • He's been a great coach too. He's led Penn State to the NCAA Div I championship 8 of the last 10 years(!) and his team seems to have fun wrestling too!
  • John Smith: 


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