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This page exists to help other people find good amateur wrestling content online.  As I've struggled to find good content, I've created this page to help other wrestlers on their journey to learn more and continuously improve.

There is a lot of amateur wrestling content online. It's hard though to know where to get started. And some of the content is free and some requires a subscription. I will focus primarily on free content, because a lot of wrestlers perhaps can't afford to pay for content or aren't sure it's worth the cost. 

Comments: If you have a recommendation or if you find that a link below no longer works, let me know through the comments. Note that I will moderate all comments due to spammers. Note also this is a work-in-process, and I will hopefully be adding videos and modifying the outline frequently.

Web sites: Paid
  • kolat.com - Cary Kolat's web site. Kolat is a master technician, and a very successful wrestler who is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Kolat has great videos that are short & concise, featuring him and other great wrestlers. You can watch about 200 videos for free either at kolat.com or on Youtube. As a subscriber you can get access to 2,500+ videos, and costs $150/year.  
    • Short & Concise: I like that he's created short videos to break down topics or show moves, as compared to a long video where you would have to play the whole video to find a specific topic.  For example, you could have say a 15 minute video to show a series, or break that up into a set of short separate videos. Kolat has chosen the latter, which I think is wise as it makes it easier to use and replay specific topics. Kolat doesn't waste time; he seems to have planned these videos thoughtfully. 
    • Effective: Kolat's videos to demonstrate moves are exceptional in that he (1) explains the technique clearly and concisely, then (2) shows the move three at regular speed from different angles, and then (3) shows the move again three times in slow-motion (half-speed? slow enough to see detail but fast enough to not be boring.)  Here is an example from Youtube: 
    • Organized: The videos are organized into series, so if you're a subscriber, you can learn positioning and technique for entire series of moves in a logical format.
    • More about Cary Kolat: https://nwhof.org/national-wrestling-hall-of-fame/bio/4087 

Web sites: Free

Videos: Curated free videos

created: 03/06/2022
last revised: 03/16/2022


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